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Welcome to area of our website dedicated to teachers and educators. Here you can order copies of our free in-school teaching pack, Be Adwise 2, give us feedback and participate in surveys, recommend our programme to colleagues and eventually use our online lessons with your pupils. There is also a facility to view posts for teaching jobs in London and the rest of the UK.

“Children aged 6 to 11 are so often the targets of advertising that they deserve a resource as good as Be Adwise 2. These three packs each have comprehensive lesson plans, teacher notes, activity sheets, a DVD of real clips, and images to analyse. The packs deal with how advertising works, the methods used to persuade children, and non-commercial campaigns such as those for charities. While the methods are simple and enjoyable, the ideas are deep, ranging from celebrity endorsements to the use of mood music.”
The Times Educational Supplement, January 2016