About being Media Smart

Being Media Smart is thinking about the messages that you see all around you - on TV, on the radio, on websites and mobiles.

These include advertising. We all see adverts everyday in all kinds of places. They can be funny, they can be clever, sometimes they are trying to sell you something or to tell you road safety, recycling and other important issues.

Things to think about

  • How images, sounds and words are used to make cool ads
  • Who ads are aimed at – are they aimed at you?
  • Who makes ads, why and how?
  • What do you think about the people shown in advertising?
  • Do the families you see look like yours?
  • Do you do the sports and activities shown?
  • How do ads persuade people?


Just like the House Hippo, its worth thinking about carefully. There is a lot more in our schools pack but get your brain working on some of these questions and you’ll be Media Smart in no time!