“It is no accident that Media Smart and Ofcom are roughly the same age. We are joined together in this task of bringing media literacy to audiences and we hugely value and support the practical work that Media Smart is doing”
Tim Suter, Partner, Content and Standards, Ofcom, 7 February 2006


“The ‘Be Adwise 2’ pack comes in three modules, ‘An introduction to advertising’, ‘Advertising aimed at children’ and ‘Non-commercial advertising’. Each module includes a DVD, poster, teachers’ notes, lesson plans, activity sheets, and a leaflet for parents. These impressive packs offer a wealth of active learning materials like nothing else on the market and cover a range of reading, writing and speaking and listening skills. Now sit down and pinch yourself. These resources are free. Yes, that’s right, they are on the house.

You might be thinking that a free resource doesn’t make it a good one. That’s true. This isn’t a good one. It’s an excellent one. The step-by-step teaching notes are just what you need in an overcrowded and busy curriculum. They are comprehensive, flexible and creative. It’s all there. Each activity lists the issues addressed, the learning outcomes, resources needed, cross-curriculum links you can capitalise on and appropriate age range. The starter and main activities will appeal to a variety of learning styles and can easily be adapted to suit the needs of your class. The photocopiable activity sheets are unfussy, child-friendly and thought-provoking. Key words are provided in a glossary too. To support all of this are some wonderful resources on DVD containing real advertising clips and images, ideal for the Interactive Whiteboard and far better than fictional ones.

The thing that really stands out for me in these resources is the engagement factor. They particularly inspire discussion, set up debates and promote three-dimensional thinking. The activities include games, role play, speech bubble analysis, sentence starters, clue spotting, quizzes, storyboards, and more. They all share one common thread - pupil talk. The activities are designed to promote critical thinking but they manage to kill lots of curriculum birds with one stone particularly listening skills, turn taking and the mature and professional sharing of ideas. We spent a week looking at the resources and after working on the different activities in Module 2 my class were really switched on to advertising techniques and language. The learning gains have been obvious. They stop, look and listen. They ask more questions, they read between the lines, they see beyond the pictures and they compare and contrast with far more skill. It’s been a great springboard for improving thinking. As one pupil commented, ‘They make you think twice and twice again.’

In the gladiatorial arena of teaching resources ‘Be Adwise 2’ definitely gets the big ‘pollice recto’. It is an expertly written resource that will encourage children to think on different levels and engage with the world around them at a more sophisticated level. The Media Smart materials have already been requested by 9,000 schools. Make sure you get your copy. Copies can be ordered by emailing your details to info@mediasmart.org.uk.

John Dabell is a class teacher at Lawn Primary School in Derby.”

Primary Choice Magazine
January 2008


“Children aged 6 to 11 are so often the targets of advertising that they deserve a resource as good as Be Adwise 2. These three packs each have comprehensive lesson plans, teacher notes, activity sheets, a DVD of real clips, and images to analyse. The packs deal with how advertising works, the methods used to persuade children, and non-commercial campaigns such as those for charities. While the methods are simple and enjoyable, the ideas are deep, ranging from celebrity endorsements to the use of mood music. Be Adwise 2 can be ordered or downloaded.”

By Tom Deveson
The Times Educational Supplement, TES Teacher Magazine, page 19
13 January 2006