“It is no accident that Media Smart and Ofcom are roughly the same age. We are joined together in this task of bringing media literacy to audiences and we hugely value and support the practical work that Media Smart is doing”
Tim Suter, Partner, Content and Standards, Ofcom, 7 February 2006


What is Media Smart?
Launched in November 2002, Media Smart is a non profit media literacy programme for primary school children aged 6 to 11 years old, focused on advertising.
Media Smart develops and provides, free of charge and on request, educational materials to primary schools that teach children to think critically about advertising in the context of their daily lives.
Our materials use real examples of advertising to teach core media literacy skills.
Media Smart is funded by the advertising business in the UK and is supported by the UK and EU governments.
Our Expert Group ensures the quality of the programme by writing, reviewing and approving our teaching materials. It consists of the leading academics and educationalists in the field of media literacy, government officials and Ofcom.
Media Smart is now recognised by many as a world-class media literacy programme. It is the only programme in Europe that brings together the resources of the industry, expertise of leading academics and the advice of the government into one comprehensive national programme. In the UK, it is one of the only media literacy programmes in which Ofcom plays an active role.
Media Smart plays a key role in developing significantly young people’s understanding and constructive use of modern media, including its advertising content. It is an important contributor to building a media literate society in the UK.

Who supports Media Smart?
Media Smart is supported by the UK advertising business.
Advertising Association; British Toy and Hobby Association; Business in the Community; DDB London; Ferrero; Five; GMTV; Hasbro; Incorporated Society of British Advertisers (ISBA); Institute of Practitioners of Advertising (IPA); ITV; Jetix; Kellogg; Lego; Mars; Mattel; McDonald’s; Mindshare; Turner Broadcasting; Viacom Brand Solutions

What age group are Media Smart materials designed for?
Media Smart’s teaching materials are designed for primary school pupils aged 6 to 11 years old.

How can teachers order Media Smart materials for my school and how much do they cost?
Copies of Media Smart’s teaching pack, Be Adwise 2, are available free of charge and on request to schools. Teachers can order a pack here.
If researchers or reviewers would like to request a copy of Media Smart materials, the Media Smart Secretariat is happy to provide free copies. Please email us to request a pack.

How does Media Smart ensure that its materials are effective?
We commission independent research to test the effectiveness of our teaching materials and to find out how often they are used and what teachers think of them.
Be Adwise 2 was evaluated by a team lead by Professor David Buckingham at the Centre for the Study of Children, Youth and Media, Institute of Education, University of London. This independent research involved data collection via 350 teacher surveys online, 24 in-depth interviews with teachers via telephone, and three in-school observations over several weeks.
You can download the report here;
Media Smart Be Adwise 2 An Evaluation, Professor David Buckingham, Dr. Rebekah Willett, Dr. Shakuntala Banaji, Dr. Susan Cranmer, Centre for the Study of Children, Youth and Media, Institute of Education, University of London, January 2007.

What do teachers think about Media Smart materials and how are they used in the classroom?
We have had positive feedback from teachers. Our Evaluation Research on Be Adwise 2 found that teachers liked the Media Smart materials and found them to be effective at teaching children about advertising literacy. Nearly 91% of teachers thought the materials were excellent or good at successfully engaging students and nearly 88% of teachers found the materials well-designed and easy to use. A total of 85% of teachers rated the activities as excellent or good and over 83% of teachers found the materials excellent or very successful at teaching the language of advertising.

Are Media Smart materials mapped to the National Curriculum?
All Media Smart materials are fully mapped to the National Curricula of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. A detailed mapping document for each module is provided in the teachers’ notes.

Why do Media Smart materials carry real examples of advertising?
Media Smart includes real examples of advertising in its materials on the advice of its Expert Group. The group believes that media literacy education is more effective when real life examples are deconstructed and analysed.

How can I find out more?
To find out more, contact the Media Smart Secretariat at the details below.

Telephone:020 7526 3649
Address: Media Smart UK Limited
7th Floor North
Artillery House
11-19 Artillery Row
London SW1P 1RT